Daryl Hall’s “Censored” Music! Neglected Solo Masterpiece!

One of music’s best songwriters has had incredible success as a duo, but his solo career hasn’t been as popular – why is that? Time to look a the incredible music of Daryl Hall!

Daryl Hall solo music

Three Hearts In The Happy Ending Machine!

Time to celebrate some of the most neglected pop majesty of the 80’s!

“Three Hearts in the Happy Ending Machine” is a 1986 solo album by Daryl Hall. Even though Hall & Oates were at the peak of their popularity, this album failed to score with music fans – but thanks to multiple online music options, you can own this bit of classic pop!

Daryl Hall

Daryl Hall Rocks!

The music world has come around to realize just how brilliant Hall & Oates are – they were finally inducted into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, and Hall’s TV/web series “Live From Daryl’s House” is a huge hit as well….especially the two episodes featuring Todd Rundgren…

Todd Rundgren and Daryl Hall

So how could he realize a solo album, only to see it go unnoticed? Let’s take a look: first, the album features his only Top 10 solo single, “Dreamtime”, which peaked at number five on the Billboard Hot 100.

DAryl Hall Dreamtime

Check out this great music video for “Dreamtime”:

Daryl Hall Foolish Pride

The single, “Foolish Pride”, only reached #33, which is shocking because it is a perfect Hall & Oates flavored pop single!

Foolish Pride!

Here’s a beautiful live version, which begins with a short snippet of “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You”:

Posted on Youtube by “konekoxox” – so why wasn’t it a hit? It had everything going for it!

Big Bam Boom

“Big Bam Boom!”

At the time, there was no one hotter in music than Daryl Hall & John Oates…they were tearing through the 80’s with such pop hits as “Kiss On My List”, “Private Eyes”, “One On One” and “Maneater”.

Hall and Oates music videos

Hall & Oates had another HUGE hit album in 1984 with “Big Bam Boom”- you know the album for a number of big hits, including “Out Of Touch” and my favorite, “Method Of Modern Love”….check it out!

Hall and Oates hits

“Method” was a top five hit in 1985, so why didn’t all of those fans flock to Daryl Hall’s solo album the next year?

Daryl Hall songs

Although “Dreamtime” and “Foolish Pride” weren’t big hits, Hall had a top 40 single from the album:

“I Wasn’t Born Yesterday!”

Here is the original video as shown on MTV:

“Watch Your Tongue!”

Not everyone loved the album as much as I did: According to wikipedia, at the time of the album’s release, Critic Robert Christgau gave the record a “C” rating and said the album was:

“bloated by endless codas, superfluous instrumentation, hall upon hall of vocal mirrors, and the artist’s unshakable confidence that his talent makes him significant.”

Ouch! And so so wrong! In fact, here is one of the album’s best tracks, a haunting power ballad called:

“Someone Like You”

Thanks to “alegamix” for posting on youtube!

Daryl Hall trivia

With so many great songs, it is shocking that this album wasn’t a bigger hit, but Hall’s solo career has always been more of a struggle, beginning with his first solo album!

sacred songs

Censored “Sacred Songs!”

Hall’s first solo album, the masterpiece “Sacred Songs” was actually locked in a record label vault to keep it from being released! Read all about this censored album by clicking on my story here:


And of course, read all about Hall OTHER creative partner:


Daryl Hall’s Creative Friendship With Todd Rundgren!

Yes, the musical friendship between Daryl Hall and Todd Rundgren has produced magic as well…ready my story here:


And make sure you buy “Three Hearts In The Happy-Ending Machine” as well!

Let me know what you think!

Daryl Hall solo music

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